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 Resibras - Companhia Portuguesa de Resinas para Abrasivos, S.A.

A Resibras - Companhia Portuguesa de Resinas para Abrasivos S.A.
The Company was established in August 1st. of 1989, with its headquarter and plant facilities located in Parque Industrial de Carrascas in the city of Palmela, Portugal.

The main activity is the production of synthetic and semi synthetic resins developed for cork, rubber, cars and coating industries.

In 1992, Resibras developed resins for application in cork agglomerates, used in cork stoppers, insulated corks panels and other usage.

In 2000, given its major presence as supplier and service provider for the cork industry, Resibras broad its portfolio of products with the development of water based products used in natural cork stoppers treatment, and also with the release of cosmetic products for final treatment of cork.

In 2007, Resibras developed products for rubber industry, (recycle rubber) and also coating and varnishes.

In 17 years of activity, Resibras achieved the status of leader in different segments of the supply chain; it has always given priority for innovation and continuous development of its products in a way to generate value for its clients. In the automobile sector, Resibras achieved a leadership position and conquered the status of preferential supplier for the largest European and American Groups, also expanded its distribution network through South America, China, Marrokos, Turkey, Malaysia.
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